Watch F1 in London – Australia Grand Prix

Watch the season opening race from Melbourne with Australia Grand Prix in London. Open early for the race with full live coverage and breakfast menu.

Table bookings are available for guests eating and arrive no later than 1 hour before start of race.

Reservations of less than 4 persons will be at shared tables.

All non-reserved seating is available on a first come basis.

Voted best place to watch Grand Prix by F1inPubs 2013

“Jetlag has quickly established itself at the head of a new breed of sports bars in London. With an excellent worldwide menu and a commitment to huge variety in the drinks department, it’s a huge hit with F1 fans and regularly hosts events for Grand Prixs, even those elusive 7am starts!”
– MatchPint

F1 Review:

“The whole F1 experience is not just the large screen and booming sound. It’s the little touches such as offering a food menu reflecting on the country that is holding the race.”
– Balbinder S

“Headed here to watch the Singapore 2012 Grandprix in their ‘lotus lounge’ or something similar named. We were late for the start which made getting comfy a bit of a challenge, but after we did and it all settled down it came into its own. Massive screen, good beer (food looked good too) and a bunch of like-minded F1 fans in the same room. Was a different F1 experience, will definitely be going back again.”
– George Cathcart, Sept 2012